Arbol acts at the local level.

In the city of Cluny, it is 160 gourds distributed to children and adults licensed to the US Cluny.

This distribution was initiated by the Cluny football sports association, and largely financed by the SIRTOM de la Valée de la Grosne, as well as by the club itself.

The SIRTOM de la Vallée de la Grosne is a Public Establishment for Intercommunal Cooperation (EPCI). It is a Syndicat Mixte with competence for waste management in 2 communities of municipalities in Saone-et-Loire.

Arbol has undertaken to recover used water bottles (each bottle is guaranteed for 2 years) in order to recycle the materials used during this distribution. 

The company wants to limit as much as possible the production of waste at this level of the territory and thus support the SIRTOM, by reducing the number of plastic bottles.

A first recycling bin has been set up for damaged bottles and cans at Bi1 Cluny and Bi1 Saint-Gengoux-le-National, including a physical point of sale. (within a few weeks) 

The bottles and caps, once the recycling campaign is completed, will be recycled by melting the aluminium material locally. In order to offer a new product within a few months.