Using a water bottle is the best way to start the ecological transition. France has one of the most efficient drinking water distribution networks in the world. So you might as well take advantage of it!

In addition to helping to reduce plastic on a daily basis, ARBOL, patron of Plant for the Future is committed to donating 1€ per bottle distributed, for the renewal and sustainable management of forests; every thousand bottles distributed, 1000 trees will be planted and you can follow the evolution of these forest plots, stay connected, a youtube channel has just been created.


The Arbol gourd is produced and manufactured in the European Union ! In addition to this, the bottle is easily recyclable.

There are 3 sizes of Arbol bottles:

- • 0,6L

- • 0.75L refill 2 times and it is ideal for a daily body hydration recommended at 1.5L! )

- • 1L

The bottles are equipped with an anti-drip treatment that makes them suitable for all types of drinks.

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